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Meditation Hour

Explore the magic of stillness & let the love in…

This hour is specially kept to encourage the practice of meditation in the community. We also understand that many people in the city want a peaceful and tranquil space to meditate, and Idhya offers an ideal environment for it.

It has an open structure where different ways of meditating are explored. It is free for all and open to all.

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Meditation Hour


Youthfulness is not about when you were born but how vibrantly Alive you are – Sadguru

Vibrant You Is an initiative to encourage senior citizens to engage and discover new ways in unfolding their potential. It could be yoga, music, dance or art.

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Creative Hour

Idhya is primarily born to support and encourage artists and creatives.
Creativity is the most important asset for any workplace, and one of the most important asset for any creative person is an environment which inspires and allows you to be open and free
Creative Hour is an Idhya Initiative for all those creative minds. It’s like a co-works for artists and creative people
The aesthetics of our space is designed to harness peaceful, artistic and calming energies, which can be channelised to create and innovate.

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Learn and Earn Program

When we share our Joy, It Grows!!!
Idhya’s Learn and Earn Initiative envisions imparting skill-based training to budding artists, with the desire to learn and grow, who can potentially make an artistic means of livelihood through it.
Training will be provided in various Artforms and is provided at the Idhya Studio.

  1. Knitting and Crochet
  2. Macrame and Fibre Art
  3. Painting

This initiative is to empower any one with the interest and the pursuit of these Artforms, to continue on their artistic journey and make it a sustainable means to grow.

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